General Rules and Guidelines of the Contest

  1. Contestants must be a bonafide student of the student of the college/institution
  2. The song shall be straight song , a KUNDIMAN
  3. Accompaniment is either live or piano/ guitar or minus one tape
  4. Delivery is from 3 to 4 minutes
  5. Any student who participated in any National Competition shall be disqualified to join.
  6. The contest piece may be any of these suggested songs.
    1. Ako’y Isang Ibong Sawi
    2. Mutya ng Pasig
    3. Bituing Marikit
    4. Kundiman
    5. Kung Hindi Man
    6. Kundiman ng Luha
    7. Paki-usap
    8. Nasaan ang Aking Puso
    9. Nasaan Ka Irog
    10. Pahimakas


                Vocal/Tone Quality———————————————————————————–40%

                Musician(Dynamics, Interpretation, Melody, Rhythm)————————————-30%



                Stage Presence——————————————————————————————10%


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