Mechanics and Rules of the Contest

  1. Each unit is entitled to three (3) contestants who will compose a team and one (1) official alternate, who are bonafide of the college/university.
  2. Contestants will answer the same set of questions in writing. Before a question is read, the contestants must raise the chalk. Each team will be provided pieces of chalk, writing pad (illustration board) and eraser.
  3. Questions will be read twice in English by the Quizmaster. After the second reading, the Quizmaster shall say “go” and only then by the team be allowed to write the answer automatically the ten (10) seconds time limit will begin with the word “go” by the Quizmaster. If a question requires enumeration, the time limit will be extended to five (5) more seconds.
  4. After the time and the buzzer sounds, the team should stop writing and raise their answer pad.
  5. The table proctors will go around and check the answer of the teams. A proctor for each table will be provided to ensure correctness of the answers.
  6. 6.       The contest has two (2) rounds, Level I and level II. In Level I round, Twenty (20) questions will be asked. Each question will worth one (1)point. After asking twenty questions, the Quizmaster announces the top five (5) teams who will advance to the level II round. If there is a tie for the 5th place, the same will advance to next level.
  7. 7.       Twenty (20)questions will be asked in Level II round. This time two (2) points will be assigned for each correct answer.
  8. 8.       Twenty (20)questions, the five (5)teams getting the highest scores in Level I and Level II will be declared champion, 1st Runner-up, and 2nd Runner-up, 3rd Runner-up and 4th Runner-up. Since there are only five, should there be a tie, extra questions will be asked by the Quizmaster in order to break the tie.
  9. 9.       The duly registered teacher-coach of the team is only person authorized to make a protest. All protests should be referred to the Board of Judges immediately, before the Quizmaster reads the next question.
  10. 10.   Each delegation prepares 2 sets of questions for each category; Easy, Moderate and Difficult.
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