All official entries must be completed and submitted to the office Sports coordinator,______________________on September___, 2012


  1. Music Recorded in CD/DVD
  2. List of names of crew members
  3. 3 R picture of the crew


There will be one level of competing crews based on requirements as identified.

  1. College category


  • OPEN: 10-15Members. Mixed gender


a.All members must fill in 3 in 1 form with Personal data, medical background and  Waiver Form:  Crews must sign and submit the form prior to the competition, releasing the organizer, officers, staff and sponsor form liability for any accident or injury occurring to a crew prior to, during the competition.


For circumstances beyond the control of the crew/member(s), substitutions of participants may be made (90% of dance crew must be retained). Such circumstances must be brought to the attention of the event organizer and approved.


a, It is the responsibility of the dance crew director to report a crew member’s injury of illness to the event organizer

b. If at any time prior or during the competition that a crew becomes ill or physical condition is at risk, he/she may be declared ineligible to compete. The competition organizer reserves the right to withdraw any competitor who appears to have such serious injury or medical condition. The event organizer reserves the right to request the submittal of a doctor’s written authorization for a crew/member to compete.


Crews should wear clothing reflecting the real character and natural style of the hip hop/urban street environment. Use pieces of clothing during the performance that is not offensive or out of character. Discarded clothing should not be thrown off the stage to the audience. Support gear such as kneepads, helmets, or any performing apparatus to aid in the proper execution of a move is allowed. Body oils, glitter, powder or other substances applied to the body or clothing that may affect the clean dry surface of the stage and the safety of fellow competitors are prohibited. Props are strictly not allowed. Theatrical costumes are not typical of the street and are not recommended. Be tasteful, not offensive.


The event organizer will provide audio and visual equipment during the final rehearsal and competition day at our discretion.


a. The routine must be performed in its entirety to music selected and prepared by the group. The event organizer will not provide the group music.

b. Group competition music must be the only piece of music recorded on a CD format

c. The group must provide 2 x CD copies of their competition music at least two weeks prior to the competition. Once the deadline is set no edits or changes will be accepted beyond this time period.

d. A minimum of 1 and a maximum 3 mixed music that may be used in the routine. The songs may be edited to enhance choreography and personal performace.

e.The competition MUST NOT contain inappropriate, lewd or offensive language.

Due to varying copyright laws. The event organizer reserves the right to ask the crew to replace the music for one that is acceptable for another piece of music of the organizers’ choice for such situations.


The event organizers may provide rehearsal time at our discretion. This is dependent upon  venue availability and practicability.


The event organizers reserve the right to determine the performance order.


Performance Time- Minimum of (3:00) Three minutes. Maximum time is five minutes(5:00) only. Performance time that exceeds the maximum allowable of greater than five minutes (5:00) will automatic have a 3 point deduction.


The following will be considered during group performace.

Choreography-30%(Originality 10%, Technique & Hip-Hop Style 10%)

Skill – 60%(Stage & Blocking 10%, Execution & Synchronization 10%, Coordination 10%, Hip-Hop Basics 30%)

Stage Presence – 10% (Vibrancy 5%, Costume & Appearance 5%)


The organizer will set its own criteria for selecting eligibility, training, skill level and certiciation for credible, qualified and appropriate BATTLEGROUNDS Judges. The event organizers reserve the right to determine the panel.

  1. OPEN-Three(3)to Five (5) Judges *the event organizer may choose to increase this panel on the day.

NOTE:  There will be an assigned ADJUDICATOR should there be any ties or deadlocks that take place.

14.DEDUCTIONS-Reward into general guidelines

a. All crew members not on stage for open of the routine=1 point deduction

b. LATE START-failure to appear on stage within 30 seconds of being announced=1 point deduction

c. ROUTINE LENGTH- dance routine music exceeds 4:00 minutes = 2 points deduction

d. APPEARANCE-inappropriate costumes=2 points deduction

e. MUSIC-music contains inappropriate Language (swear words, or offensive words) = 2point deduction

f.Prohibited move, lewd gestures, comment or movements- 1 point deduction

g.Clothing or props thrown into the audience =  1 point deduction

h.Fall, trip or stumble/ per occurrence =  1 point deduction

i.Head stand/spin, tumbling, tossing and other dangerous stunts are not allowed =  2 points deduction

k. Pumping and lustrous moves are not allowed =  3 points deductions

l.PROPS – use of powder, glitter, body oils, paints, sticks and other materials or substances that affect performance area =  2 point deduction


a. one hundred(100) percent is the possible highest score

b. Ranking will be used to get the final result of the tabulation.

c. any point deductions made by the ADJUDICATOR are deducted from the total score before arriving at an average total score.

d. Any problem, discrepancy during the competition will be brought to the attention of the event organizer, adjudicator and event committee, and the respective decision(s) made will be final.

e. Misinterpretation due to translation or  interpretation of rules will resolved according to English version(as per English dictionary)

f. Any protests are prohibited and will not be accepted regarding any score or result of a decision. There will be a protest fee of five thousand pesos (50,000)


An extraordinary circumstance occurs beyond the control of the dance group that affects your ability to perform at the beginning or any time in your performance, including and not limited to:

  1. Incorrect music played or cued music
  2. Problems due to equipment malfunction
  3. Disturbances caused by technical difficulty-lighting, stage, venue or sound
  4. Introduction of foreign object into the stage area, by an individual or means other than the crew


a. Stop a performance immediately if it occurs at beginning or during the routine.

b.The management, adjudicator and director will review the situation, and upon  comfirming a decision and correction of the problem, will re-introduce the dance group to return and restart the routine.

c. Claim of an extraordinary circumstance bye the crew after the routine has been completed WILL NOT be considered, accepted or reviewed at all.


The administration will identify the prizes for all winners and consolation prizes.

SPECIAL AWARDS*** (subject for approval)

The following special awards will be presented:

Most Promising Dance Group Award; Styling’ Best Costume Award; Best Mix (Music); People’s Choice Award; Chairman’s Choice Award; Must Inspiring Dance Group; Organizers Recognition Awards and certificate of Participation


Team that do not appear/ or are not ready to perform/ or incomplete fifteen minutes after the last call of the scheduled slot.


A team that walks-out from the hall shall forfeit its presentation in favor of the other teams. To deter other teams to do the coaching staff and the team member shall be banned from further participation. This team shall not be allowed to compete in Festival.

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