Contemporary Dance upgrades choreographers and helps them become more creative in making a group performance. The performance most conveys a choreographer’s artistic vision, in an ensemble. Emphasis will be given on the level of dance research, its innovative application and how we connect with each other through performaces.

The movement of the body in a body of dance. To keep moving, to keep breathing, to keep being in step, in time, in flow to keep reaching, DANCE.

DATE OF THE COMPETITION:________________________________, 2012

VENUE OF THE COMPETITION: University Auditorium

    1. The work should have a theme/concept.
    2. The work must not have been performed or taken from any showcase either live on stage or on you tube video and must be original in creation
    3. The length of the group work must be a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 8 minutes to be performed in an open stage/floor.
    4. No sets are allowed, only safety and secured props that are essential to the dance are allowed
    5. No use of real fighting armor such as knife, guns, arrow, spears.
    6. No use of fire and any pyrotechnic materials.
    7. No use of any form of liquid, such as blood, oil, water, etc.
    8. No use of confetti either drop or bomb.
    9. No breaking of glass, pots, etc.
    10. Costumes must be appropriate to the concept of the dance. Nudity is not allowed.
    11. Obscene choreography/indecent movements and killing of animals are strictly not allowed.
    12. Emphasis will be given to the level of dance research, aesthetics, process and its innovative application
    13. Criteria for judging
  1. Choreography/Composition                               40%
  2. Performance/Precision/Techniques                30%
  3. Aesthetic Value        30%
  • Costume                       (10%)
  • Music                            (10%)
  • Scenery                        (10%)

TOTAL        100%


The Administration will identify the prizes for all winners and consolation prizes.

SPECIAL AWARDS***(subject for approval)

The following special awards will be presented:
Most Promising Dance Group Award; Styling’ Best Costume Award; Best Mix (Music); People’s Choice Award; Chairman’s Choice Award; Most Inspiring Dance Group; Organizers Recognition Awards and Certificate of Participation


Team that do not appear/ or are not ready to perform/ or incomplete fifteen minutes after the last call of the scheduled slot.


A team that walks-out from the hall shall forfeit its presentation in favor of the other teams. To deter other teams to do the coaching staff and the team member shall be banned from further participation. This team shall not be allowed to compete in the next intramurals


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